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Sustainable Landscaping

We all know that planting native plants, reducing chemical use and replacing turfgrass are the best ways to help protect and restore biodiversity and nurture wildlife on our properties. Here are a few more steps you can take in your yard to help the natural world.  Your yard can make a difference! Reduce landscape lighting as […] Continue reading "Sustainable Landscaping"

Need Design Inspiration?  Visit Some Local Gardens!

Summer is a great time of year to visit local native/pollinator gardens to see a wide variety of sustainable landscape designs.  In the Milwaukee area, there are plenty of gardens for inspiration. Some of the spaces are all native plantings; while others incorporate natives into more traditional landscapes.  Here are a few spaces that we […] Continue reading "Need Design Inspiration?  Visit Some Local Gardens!"

Native or Not?  

Just because the plant tag says “native” doesn’t mean it’s native to Southeast Wisconsin.  If you aren’t that picky or if you’re planting with climate change in mind, a few plants from Illinois or Ohio aren’t a big deal.  But, if you are aiming for a truly native garden or are just curious, there are […] Continue reading "Native or Not?  "

Plant of the Month: Pussy Willow

Pussy willow is an early bloomer that provides nectar for pollinators, and habitat for songbirds.   It is also is a host plant for Mourning Cloak and Viceroy butterflies.   Hummingbirds use the soft furry catkins to build nests.  Salix discolor is a dioecious species – male & female flowers are produced on separate plants.  […] Continue reading "Plant of the Month: Pussy Willow"