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All plants, including native species, have specific cultural requirements, and if planted in the wrong place will struggle to survive. Purchase plants armed with knowledge of what your garden has to offer, and choose plants based not only on their looks, but also on their cultural needs. The goal is to place plants where they will require no supplemental irrigation or fertilization once established.

Some conditions to keep in mind when selecting landscape plants include:

  • light availability, intensity and duration (full sun to deep shade)
  • water availability, both quantity and quality
  • soil type, drainage, compaction
  • available space – always plant for the mature size of the plant!
  • season of bloom – native gardens should have blooms from spring through fall to support pollinators
  • color and shape of bloom – insects and birds are attracted to specific plants
  • benefits to wildlife

There are plenty of places to look for inspiration, many local parks and nature centers have beautiful native gardens and prairies. Be sure to download a few apps for plant identification. The library is a wonderful resource for books, both paper and ebooks.

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